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Erica Williamson

Graphic Designer

I believe that without marketing, a brand is just an organization that sells a product.

Erica is the go-to person for designing POS visuals and mockups for retail merchandise, among many other creative tasks. She enjoys delving into a company’s identity to craft a brand personality and bring the core messaging to life through design.

The Creative Foodie

Erica enjoys her time in the Smartfish office, both because of the opportunities for daily creativity and because of the closeness of the team. In particular, she loves eating and discussing food with her coworkers—and she’s an expert, since she designed and sold a cookbook! Outside of work, Erica can be found in various athletic pursuits, baking, visiting breweries and wineries, and road tripping to culinary destinations around New England. Erica is a graduate of Assumption College, where she was also a tennis team captain and multi-sport intramural champion.