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Jim Coveno

Founding Partner

Proud recipient of the “most friendly” superlative.

Jim is the friendly face for Smartfish clients. He acts as a concierge, quickly and competently addressing concerns, questions, and requests. At the office, he is the knowledgebase for any team member looking for guidance, advice, or recommendations for successfully executing any job function.

The Go-To Guy

Jim is enthusiastic about building new and exciting brands for clients. He also enjoys cultivating the Smartfish team, ensuring that all members are professional, independent, and thoughtful about the work they are producing.

He believes in going after big ideas and creative thinking in all aspects of the Smartfish process. When he’s not at the office, Jim can be found boating or fishing on the ocean with family and friends. He is also an amateur carpenter (still in possession of all limbs and fingers). Jim is a graduate of UMass Amherst.