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Josh Matthy

Warehouse Manager

I like seeing the results of my work out in the retail world.

Josh plays many roles at the Smartfish warehouse: he maintains receiving, warehousing, distributing, and production of goods, including embroidery, fulfillments, release pulling, and assembly. He enjoys the Smartfish environment—particularly time spent in good conversation over community lunch.

The DIY Guy

Josh enjoys his unique position in the marketing world. He takes pride in the high quality of his embroidery work, and most enjoys seeing happy clients and engaged customers. When he’s not in the office, Josh can be found spending time outdoors, playing with his chocolate lab puppy, creating music, or restoring antiques scavenged from yard sales. Prior to working at Smartfish, Josh spent six years working in HVAC. He also spent three months trekking around the country in a one-person tent and his Nissan.