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Liz Rightor-Roberts

Senior Project Manager

As a foodie, I love dining out. But for me, it’s about the whole experience, not just the food. Even if the food was exceptional, I won’t go back to a restaurant if I got bad service. I view my work at Jackrabbit the same way—I aim to produce great results and great experiences for our clients.

Liz’s drive to “get things done” is an asset in her role as project manager. But it’s not just about checking boxes for her—collaboration, communication and, above all, delivering high-quality results, top her list of priorities.

The Ringmaster

Liz knows what it’s like to be in a client’s shoes, having worn them herself for many years. She uses that experience to provide world-class service in her current role. If a client comes away from a project happy with the outcome AND the experience of working with Smartfish she knows she’s done her job.

Prior to Smartfish, Liz was a digital communications specialist at Abt Associates and served as director of communications at The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Penn State University. Outside of work, she spends time with her standard poodles, Dex and Kady, and enjoys enjoys cooking, hiking, golf, traveling, Bruins hockey, Penn State football, and the Green Bay Packers.